Functional training is a typical power training with variations. This type of training is the most complete because it influences the development of almost all motor and functional abilities. This program is suitable for people of all levels of training abilities.

Which exercises are used?

  • All power exercises using your own body weight (basic exercises – press-ups, sit-ups, squats…)
  • Exercises with outer load, i.e. with weights – clean, jerk, dead lift, bench press (straight arm pull down)…
  • Various types of jumps
  • Isometric exercises


  • It increases muscle mass, power, aerobic stamina (pulse ≈ 70% of the maximum)
  • It increases explosiveness
  • It influences the reduction of fat deposits
  • It improves flexibility
  • It positively affects the functioning of cardiovascular system
  • It speeds up metabolism
  • It improves body posture

It facilitates everyday duties and activities


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