Provisions and terms of using the services of Sports Academy Kočović

All members are obliged to adhere to the rules written down below. On the contrary, the club is entitled to terminate membership.

  1. After the payment of membership fee, member shall get a membership card which he/she is obliged to take with himself/herself when coming to the club, so that he/she would show it at the reception.
  2. In case the card gets lost, making a new one shall be charged.
  3. Only the person whose name is written on the membership card has the right to use it. The abuse is punished by terminating membership.
  4. Members have the right to freeze their training 2 times a year – in the case of illness, travel, and the like. Upon freezing, it is necessary to have more than 6 remaining trainings.
  5. Club doesn’t make refunds. There is a possibility to transfer membership fee, but not to have a refund.
  6. Members are obliged to behave nicely and not to disturb other members in a way they express themselves.
  7. When exercising members are obliged to use a towel, as well as appropriate sports footwear and clothes – tracksuit (shorts, leggings) and trainers. It is not allowed to go into the exercising area in the footwear that is worn outside.
  8. Member will be charged for every deliberate break-down or breakage.
  9. Upon the arrival, each member gets a locker which is used on one-off basis. Taking possession of a locker is banned.
  10. Club does not bear any responsibility for members’ personal belongings.
  11. Members are obliged to pay additional attention to the tools in the gym and inventory in the locker-rooms (hair dryer, showers)
  12. After using weights, dumbbells, bars and other tools members are obliged to put them back to their place.
  13. Before you start exercising, the club suggests that you consult with your doctor.
  14. Club keeps the right to change its working hours. Members will always be informed on time about the changes.
  15. Club keeps its right to change the schedule of group programs. Members will always be informed on time about the changes.
  16. If you do not make a timely cancellation of your arrival to one of the programs that are scheduled (BodyPump, Sculpting, Step…), and you have a limited number of paid classes, the club has the right to record your arrival and tick off the class. If you have unlimited number of classes, and you don’t make a timely cancellation of your arrival to the training, your name will be put on the list. With two untimely cancellations of your arrival – you lose the right to set the time for training.
  17. Members come to the club and take part in activities at their own risk. They are responsible for their own health condition. Sports Academy Kočović does not bear responsibility concerning members’ health condition.
  18. Club keeps the right to publish photos and videos recorded in the center or during the training, for promotional purposes.

Thank you for your understanding.