All members are obliged to adhere to the rules written down below. On the contrary, the club is entitled to terminate membership.

  1. Before you start exercising, the club suggests that you consult your doctor. Members take part in the activities at their own risk and are responsible for their medical condition. Sports Academy Kočović does not bear any responsibility for members’ medical condition.
  2. Children up to 16 are allowed to exercise only if they provide their parents’ written consent and exclusively under the supervision of a personal trainer.
  3. All members are obliged to keep the facilities of the club tidy, act politely and express themselves in a way that does not disturb other members.
  4. While exercising members are obliged to use a towel and carry appropriate and clean sports clothes and footwear.
  5. Members are obliged to take care of the props in the gym, as well as the inventory in the locker-rooms (hair dryer, showers…)
  6. Members are obliged to put back the weights, dumbbells and other props after having used them.
  7. Member shall be charged for the repairs or replacement for every deliberate break-down and breakage.
  8. Club does not bear any responsibility for members’ personal belongings. Upon the arrival, each member gets a locker which is used on one-off basis. Taking possession of a locker is banned. On the contrary, the club has the right to force open and empty it.
  9. Children younger than 12 are not allowed to enter the gym.

Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy your training!
Your Sports Academy Kočović