Our story

Kočović story started a long time ago – in 1995

At that time we had only one small room for karate. In that room the generations of the best karate men in this region started their careers.

Our love developed and grew out of that room.

Love which today, many years later, is still inspiring us to go forward and fight for good values and good habits. To give a piece of our heart so that this city would be a better and more beautiful place for living. For others, and for us.

Today Sports Academy Kočović has over 3500 active users, who are involved in 25 different programs, on 7 locations –  Pionir Hall, Banjica, SAK Zemun, Blocks, Ušće Shopping Center, in Ustanička street and in Vračar.

We know everything and we understand everything.

The stress, the tension and the anxiety. The traffic jam, the work and the lack of time. Everything.

That’s why we are here. That’s why you are here.

So that everything gets better when we are together. So that we colour our days beautifully.