Others about us

Earlier I thought I had no talent for fitness. Then, my friends talked me into going to training, and honestly, I thought I would barely last a month. And here I’ve been, in the Academy Kočović, for years. I can’t imagine my life without training:)Compliments to SAK team on their professionalism and kindness.

Branislava NikolinBEOGRAD

I love trainings at SAK It feels so nice that everybody is kind and smiling, professional and relaxed. After a hard day at work, training is something which I definitely don’t miss. All the stress, accumulated during the day, disappears in high quality training.

Nemanja StanimirovBEOGRAD

Going to SAK is like an anti-stress treatment. I go to six different group programs, and earlier I didn’t even know that they existed, I thought that a fitness center stood for a gym and aerobics class.  I love these people, trainings, atmosphere, laughter.

Ana RadovanovićBEOGRAD

Sports Academy Kočović is like my second home.  Here I laugh, here I get all my anger out (if there is any), here I socialize with others.


I simply adore trainers in Sports Academy Kočović! They always bring me positive energy and make me smile even when I don’t feel like it! SAK is a medicine.

Ivana TodorovskiBEOGRAD

I have to admit that at first I started going to trainings in order to be more satisfied with my physical appearance. This came true, and in the meantime I realized that I got completely used and addicted to healthy lifestyle and trainings. This is no longer related to physical appearance, but to good feeling, power and energy. Long live training!

Vesna AntićBEOGRAD