Sport center Banjica

Fitness center which is located within Sport Center Banjica. It is divided in two levels.

Gym in this center is equipped with Matrix equipment, a leader in fitness industry, and there are 30 cardio simulators which are adaptable to different needs and different fitness levels. Our trainers who give all necessary support to the users are always present in the gym.

There is a fitness studio for group programs in the center. It is spacious and adjusted to various types of training. This studio has a special fitness floor which contains adequate softness and it’s not slippery. Also, there is adequate air-conditioning system suitable for a big number of users and activities performed in the studio.

There are two locker rooms for women and one for men, and all of them have showers, lockers where you can put your stuff and hair dryers. All users have parking lot and WIFI at their disposal.