There are questions that we get frequently asked. Here are the answers.

I have never exercised in a gym. Is there going to be somebody in the gym who will explain it to me how to use the equipment?

Trainers, who will demonstrate to you how to do the exercises correctly, give answers to your questions and resolve any doubt, are constantly present in our gyms.

How do I know which program is suitable for me?

On this website you can find a description of all programs, their benefits, as well as remarks concerning physical readiness that are necessary for taking part in a specific program. However, you will get detailed information if you visit one of our centers. Employees at our info desks, as well as the instructors, have the answers to all the questions regarding training.

If I pay membership fee for group programs, does it mean that that I can go to only one, or more than one group programs?

If you pay a monthly membership fee, or 3-month membership fee for group programs, it means that during the period in question you can combine all group programs that we can offer.

What kind of equipment is necessary for training?

You need comfortable trainers, tracksuit (shorts, leggings) and a T-shirt that enables free movement.

If you have any additional question, you can send it to us by using our e-mail address [email protected].